Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground, unless specified otherwise by the customer

  • Processing time for your order can range from 1-14 days depending on availability; most orders ship within 3 business days, subject to payment terms.
  • Charge is based on carrier rates; special requests may result in increased charge.
  • Once an order has shipped, the customer will receive a shipment notification with tracking information via email. At that point, it is the customer’s responsibility to track the package.
  • If the package is un-trackable, or there is a delivery exception, please contact the eGauge shipping department via phone or email. Any charges resulting from a package deemed un-deliverable by the courier due to inaccurate information provided by customer, will be charged to the customer.
  • If ordering internationally, eGauge requires the customer provide a FedEx account number to which any taxes, customs, or related fees will be billed. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand their country’s import regulations.
  • If desired, customer may provide a FedEx or UPS account number, and will be billed by courier directly. (Note, eGauge does not schedule regular UPS pickups, so the customer may be billed by UPS for collect charges.)

For specific shipping inquiries, questions, or concerns, please contact: 877-342-8431 x3.

Warranty Agreement

Subject to the provisions described below, the product (device) by eGauge Systems LLC (Manufacturer) is protected against defects in material and workmanship for the duration stated in the purchase contract

  • The warranted period begins from the date of sale from Manufacturer or a reseller to the installing party, or six months from the date of sale from Manufacturer to a reseller, whichever occurs first.

  • The default warranted period for the Manufacturer’s product is 2 years, with the option for an additional 3 (total of 5 years) during the time of purchase.

  • Should a product fail to perform as described above within the warrantied period, it will be repaired or replaced with the same or functionally equivalent product by Manufacturer, at its discretion, free of charge provided you: (1) return the failed product to Manufacturer with shipping charge prepaid, and (2) provide Manufacturer with proof of the original date of purchase. Repaired or replacement products will be returned to you with shipping charges prepaid.

  • Replacement products may be refurbished or contain refurbished materials. If Manufacturer, by its sole determination, is unable to repair or replace the defective product, it will refund the depreciated purchase price of the product.

  • This warranty does not apply if, in the judgment of Manufacturer, the product fails due to damage from shipment, handling, storage, accident, abuse or misuse, or if it has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to product manual instructions, has been modified in any way, has had any serial number removed or has had the QA sticker removed from the back panel screw, or has been defaced, including modifications to, removal of, or unauthorized overlays on front sticker. Repair by anyone other than Manufacturer or an approved agent will void this warranty. The maximum liability of Manufacturer under this warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product covered in the warranty.

  • Prior to returning any defective product, the end customer or the reseller from whom the end customer originally purchased the product must obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number from Manufacturer. All defective products should be returned to the Manufacturer with shipping charges prepaid. Manufacturer will not accept collect shipments. Manufacturer is not responsible for any devices shipped without an RMA number.

  • Except as specifically provided in this agreement or as required by law, the warranties and remedies stated above are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, express or implied. Any and all other warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of third party rights are expressly excluded. Manufacturer shall not under any circumstances be liable to any person for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from use or malfunction of the products, loss of profits or revenues, or cost of replacement goods, even if Manufacturer is informed in advance of the possibility of such damages.

Privacy Policy

eGauge Systems LLC respects your privacy

  • Except as required by law, we will not under any circumstances sell or release your information to anyone.
  • All of the information obtained from our web site will be used for internal purposes only.
  • eGauge Systems LLC does not store credit card information in any electronic form; however, our payment processor, Quickbooks Merchant Account Services, may store credit card information on our behalf. Please contact Quickbooks Merchant Account Services for details on the policies and procedures used to safe-guard this information.

Return Policy

Merchandise purchased through eGauge Systems LLC, except as exempted herein, may be returned within 30 days of the receipt of the product

  • You will receive a refund or credit towards your account, provided the merchandise is returned in the original packaging in new and resalable condition with manuals and all accessories included. If any component of the returned product is missing, eGauge may reject the return or choose to impose additional charges for replacement of the missing component(s).
  • A 15% restock fee may be charged for returns.
  • Custom built items are not returnable.
  • Cellular service plans are not refundable. If merchandise utilizing a cellular service plan is re-stocked by eGauge, the purchaser agrees to forfeit cellular access and associated payments.
  • Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Before returning merchandise, it is necessary to call and speak with your sales representative to obtain an RMA number for your return. Once you have been instructed where to return the item(s), you are responsible for shipping charges back to that address. Once issued, RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from the date issued and item(s) must be received within that time. Please reference this number in a clear location on the outside of the shipping package.
  • The customer is responsible for the return of any authorized return merchandise and agrees to use only reputable carriers capable of providing proof or delivery and insurance for the value of the shipment.

Complementary Hardware Clause

All third-party accessory components sold by eGauge are bound by the original manufacturer's warranty period, terms, and conditions

  • In most cases eGauge will accept defective third-party accessories during the original manufacturer's warranty period.
  • eGauge will accept (under discretion) the following table of items during the specified warranty period:
SKUDescriptionMaximum time warranted
HP200TPLTP-Link HomePlug AV adapter2 years
HP300ATActiontec HomePlug AV adapter1 year
HP200ATActiontec HomePlug AV adapter1 year
ML-SCT-XXXX-XXXMagnelab split-core CT5 years
JD-SCT-XXX-XXXXJ&D split-core CT5 years

NOTE: This list may not complete and is subject to change.

Complimentary Services


  • eGauge Systems LLC (Host, Manufacturer) maintains and operates a management tool for customers with multiple eGauge devices known as eGuard.
  • The Host reserves the right to deny eGuard access to any persons or entities deemed to be adversely affecting the eGuard service. This includes and is not limited to: intentionally attempting to circumvent security restrictions or accessing another customer's devices without permission.
  • eGuard is provided as a best effort service, and the Host provides no guarantee of availability or responsiveness. The Host provides no service-level agreement regarding eGuard and eGuard is provided as a free service to customers and installers.

Technical Support

  • The Manufacturer provides limited technical support at no cost for the lifetime of the eGauge product. Support services are available from 9am to 5pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. The Host provides no service-level agreement regarding this support and makes no guarantees as to the availability, response time, or results of technical support. Support services are currently only available in English.
  • eGauge technical support is available to assist with the following issues: troubleshooting for the eGauge device, including installation and configuration assistance for technicians/installers who are on-site with a device connected to the Host's proxy server or accessible via the Internet; limited support for configuring devices not connected to the Host's proxy server; username/password resets; troubleshooting third party products sold and supported by the Host; and evaluating warranty claims and issuing RMAs.
  • eGauge technical support does not extend to the following: dispatching personnel for on-site technical support; programming or coding consultation; advanced network configuration for routers, modems, switches, wireless bridges or other network devices; or diagnosing issues with third party devices not sold/supported by the Host.

Proxy Server

  • The Host maintains and operates a proxy server (, that allows device owners to remotely log into their eGauge units, usually without network infrastructure change. This connection then makes it possible to access the device's web interface from any point on the Internet.
  • The Host reserves the right to deny proxy server service to any persons or entities deemed to be adversely affecting bandwidth utilization. This includes and is not limited to: data harvesting, sub-second data requests, or transmission of unapproved content outside of intended device usage.
  • The Host takes no responsibility for material created or accessible on or through the proxy server that is not designed, hosted by, or at the request of the Host. The proxy server is provided as a best effort service, and the Host provides no guarantee of availability or responsiveness. The Host provides no service-level agreement regarding the proxy server and it is provided as a free service to customers and installers.

eGauge Systems Data Plan Terms and Conditions

  • Payment/Billing
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for data service shall be made in full prior to the beginning of the data coverage period. The customer will be notified both 30 days and 14 days prior to the ending of the data coverage period. If payment for renewal is not received by the end of the data coverage period, the coverage will be suspended. After 60 days, the suspended account will be cancelled and will require a $25 fee to reactivate.
  • Early Cancellation
    If the customer wishes to cancel an active data plan prior to the end of the data coverage period for any reason, the customer will be charged a one-time fee of $100 and be refunded the prorated unused portion of their data coverage. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine proper connectivity to the network prior to purchasing a data plan.
  • Coverage Availability
    The customer understands that actual signal availability in any given area depends on a combination of factors and is beyond the control of eGauge Systems. Neither eGauge Systems nor the carrier provider will have any liability to the customer or other third parties for limitations or interruptions in coverage.
  • Service Charges
    eGauge Systems reserves the right to terminate coverage if eGauge Systems or the carrier provider lose or terminate coverage in a geographic region, or changes in circumstance result in a material adverse impact on eGauge Systems’ cost basis in accessing coverage or if eGauge Systems determines continued support of network services becomes commercially unreasonable. Any unused portion of the data coverage will be refunded to the customer at a prorated amount. Data plan pricing is subject to change upon renewal.

License Compliance

  • In compliance with the requirements of the GNU GPL v2 license we provide the following source code that implements the changes required to run on the eGauge hardware:
  • Some versions of the eGauge firmware may include the Kiss FFT library. The license for Kiss FFT is available here.
  • Some versions of the eGauge firmware may include the libwpacli library. The license for libwpacli is available here.

Custom Branding

Custom branding is a free service offered to any customer ordering at least five eGauges, that allows the placement of a logo or company image in the top-right corner of all eGauge device pages. When clicked, your logo will send customers to a web page of your choice (usually, your company's home page).


  • Logo file that is 200x48 pixels with a transparent background (use PNG file format to preserve transparency).
  • URL that you would like the browser to be directed to when a user clicks on the logo (e.g.,

Send the logo file and URL to with your invoice number and company name. Remember to tell Sales when ordering by phone or send the email ASAP if ordering online!

Once provided to and approved by eGauge, the logo and URL will be applied to all newly shipped devices. eGauge can apply the logo to existing devices if they are available online but you must contact directly regarding this service. Make sure the owner(s) of any existing device(s) agree to have the firmware upgraded and your logo applied before requesting such a change.