For any quantity 5 or larger order, you may supply a custom-logo that will be preinstalled on the eGauge devices. You can also provide a web-address that a customer's browser will be sent to when clicking on the custom-logo.

Click here for logo requirements.

Want to customize the eGauge web pages with your own brand and look and feel? We can help!

We offer private-label versions of eGauge at very reasonable rates. There is no better way to help your customers stay in touch with you.
Custom device-hosting lets you host eGauges as part of your own domain. For example, a device named iGauge59 might be accessible at:
There are two options to realizing this: we can host the devices for you (as part of your domain) for a low monthly fee, or you can purchase a one-time software-license fee that will let you run the service yourself.
eGuard Manager allows easy tracking of multiple eGauge systems on one convenient screen. Use eGuard to notice problems early and as a customer management tool or in conjunction with other CRM software. Please contact our sales department for further details.