eGauge Residential

Energy Meter + Online User Interface

Energy monitoring systems have become a key feature of efficiency-conscious homes. Houses or apartments with an eGauge have a window to their energy performance. With this new energy information, you can feel confident that you’re not wasting energy or giving utility companies more money than necessary. In addition, eGauge protects your renewable energy investments by alerting you to any unexpected equipment failure. With the ability to measure home energy usage and solar generation, the eGauge is an invaluable tool for reducing costs and protecting your assets.

Protect Solar Investments

Protect your renewable energy investment by tracking system performance in real time and using automatic alerts to stay informed of system health.

  • Receive Email/Text Alerts
  • Verify Monthly Production
  • Track Your ROI

Improve Energy Efficiency

Knowing the outcome of energy efficient improvements can be very rewarding. Positive outcomes also give you confidence to continue making improvements that reduce energy costs and environmental impacts. eGauge gives you an inside look at the performance of these improvements, so you can more easily devise what to do next.

  • Track Specific Investments
  • Ensure On-going Success
  • Plan For Future Improvements

Save Money

The smallest power consumers often go unnoticed in a home. These lights, clocks, chargers, etc.. can add up to significant costs throughout the year. In addition, larger equipment, such as pool pumps, can run up large bills if left unattended. Use eGauge to prevent unnecessary costs and save money throughout the year.

  • Monitor Critical Loads (eg. sump pumps)
  • Identify Phantom Loads
  • Start an Energy Budget

User Interface

The main screen of the eGauge web interface presents energy being used and energy being produced by sources of generation, such as solar panels. The large left portion of the graph displays recent historical data, whereas the right column is a gauge that updates each second and displays instantaneous energy values. The example to the right shows about 30 minutes of second by second measurements. In the example, you can see the changes to solar energy generation (green) and electricity being used by different circuits in the home (red).

  • Real-time Data
  • Comprehensive Display
  • Historical Reports
  • Spreadsheet Export

Hardware Options

The eGauge is highly customizable to fit your most basic or complex monitoring projects

Every eGauge has the same core features. Each can measure voltages < 277vac L-N and currents up to 4800A, 3 voltage inputs and 12 current sensors, local data storage for 7 or 30 years (your choice), pre-installed firmware and free firmware upgrades. All eGauges have an Ethernet port available for data communication, even the EG3010. The models only differ in the options available for connecting to the internet

Ethernet Direct

eGauge Model: EG3000

The Ethernet direct option allows you to connect directly to a network source for the most reliable data signal. Typically, Ethernet is only used in commercial settings where powerline communication is not possible.


Powerline Communication (PLC)

eGauge Model: EG3010

PLC allows you to skip the fuss of running wire or setting up a network access point by utilizing existing power lines.


Top Selling Packages


$671 MSRP

Measure your utility consumption in real time, and gain insight into how you can reduce your electricity bill each month.

  • (1) eGauge: EG3010
  • (1) Homeplug
  • (2) 100A Current Transformers

Utility + Solar

$706 MSRP

Adds the ability to measure a source of renewable energy plus your utility consumption. Perfect for homes with renewable energy investments.

  • (1) eGauge: EG3010
  • (1) Homeplug
  • (2) 100A Current Transformers
  • (1) 50A Current Transformer


$1021 MSRP

Fully utilize your eGauge with 12 current transformers. With this package, you can fine tune your energy analysis and measure specific energy hogs, such as an electric hot water heater or pool pump.

  • (1) eGauge: EG3010
  • (1) Homeplug
  • (2) 100A Current Transformers
  • (10) 50A Current Transformers